Apartment Therapy

Thank you to old friend Leela Ross and Apartment Therapy for featuring my roommate Sam and I this past week! Please click here to see the full post.  

Sam, Kona and I having coffee in the living room.

We do spend a lot of time in our living room, it’s where  friends gather to catch up on the day and where we come to relax.   

The living room.

I am obsessed with the pink/purple vintage peruvian throw from Upstairs Pierre Lafond in Montecito.  It is amazingly soft and the colors are beautiful!  Also pictured in the background is one of my most prized possessions, a screen print by Weegee.

The dining room with high oak table and bar stools from Ikea.

Will Adler and Morgan Maassan photography in the background.

Check out Will Adler’s website here, and Morgan’s here.  These are two of my favorite photographers and they also happen to be local friends.

Sam's bedroom with driftwood wreath.

If I ever have free time on my hands I enjoy getting a little crafty on occasion.  A few years back a friend and I started a small business where we create art pieces from drift and recycled wood.  Sam has a wreath hanging above her bed.  Please click here to see more of our designs and inquire about ordering.

Thank You!

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One Response to Apartment Therapy

  1. Eve says:

    I love your house!! Can you please tell me what colours the blue and the tan/gold in your dining/kitchen are? Thank you!!

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