Time to catch up on some reading…

As summer has come to a close I have decided to pick up some of my favorite design books to re-read and become re-inspired! There are thousands to choose from, but I have chosen just a few to get started. Take a look for yourself, you will NOT be disappointed!

Hue” is Kelly Wearstler’s most recent book and I enjoy flipping through it because I love they way she uses color and materials in her spaces.  She has a great way of Mixing textiles and texture that I don’t think many others can match.  There are a lot of vintage references but with a modern twist.  I think she always manages to “pull it off” she brings something new to the table with each project, but I still see her signature style shine through.

Pictured above is one of the first design books that I actually read cover to cover.  It is filled with amazing houses, gardens, and of course people.  This book consists of a compilation of never before seen shots and stories of people like Lisa Perry of NYC, Manolo Blahnik, and many more! Check it out here, it is a great read!!

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