¡Vivá España!

The Old Spanish Days Fiesta are upon us in Santa Barbara. I am reminded of some of my favorite things Spanish! The sound of castanets, and the waving of a brightly colored fan always get me in the spirit.   I have also added this shot of Penelope Cruz from a past Vogue editorial shoot.  The images from this shoot have always stuck with me as all things spanish that I love: the ruffles, lace, dark eyeliner, and red lipstick. The toreadors that appear in the spread aren’t so bad either!

I may be one of the few that still think bullfighting should remain a part of the Spanish culture, to me it is art as well as a sport that people train for from early on in life.  Check out “The Matador” a documentary on one of Spain’s most loved matador’s;El Fandi. Also pictured is the great Manolete, considered the greatest bullfighter of all time.

So, whether you believe in bullfighting or not (your sure not to see any in these parts) enjoy this fiesta and don’t hold back! Fill the weekend with dancing, mariachi, a rodeo or parade…and don’t forget the most important part: Tequila!!!!! Viva Laaaa!!

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