Summer is here…for now

I am the type of girl who waits alll year for those endless days on the beach or poolside with great friends.  Today I woke up to something quite surprising…a blue sky! Whoa, too bad its a work day, lets just pray the sun goddess stays with us through the weekend.

I have always been a big swimmer/surfer and all around water lover. So I thought I would post a few inspirational images of places I’ve been, and some I have yet to visit (like this amazing infinity pool above)!

I have been fortunate enough to have visited both Australia and Tavarua, pictured above. Both are beautiful I would return in a heartbeat!! My advice is to get out an enjoy this weather, you never know when that fog could roll back in. Whether it’s somewhere exotic, your backyard, the beach or a pool, live it up….I know I will!

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